Herrings for every taste

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Season herrings

Have you tried our Christmas herring with rum and blueberries, or perhaps our Easter herring with spring onion and jalapeños? The characteristic of the season herrings from Lykkeberg 1899 is the special content, which can only be bought for a limited period.


Vinegar matured herrings

At Lykkeberg 1899 we only use the best quality. In the finished product it is a sign of quality when the herring fillets/pieces are big and retain their beautiful silver finish. They also have to be sliced nicely and without frayed edges as well as skin-residue.

Nordic herrings

Our Nordic herring-range is made of local ingredients combined with different flavours to obtain different tastes. This gives a gastronomic twist to the vinegar-matured herring, and it fits very well into the modern lunch menu. There are 7 different types.

Traditional cured herrings

Our range of traditional cured herrings are developed and produced after the old processing methods. We show our respect to the raw material – the herring – and cherish the old recipes, and at the same time we present the herrings in a stylish and modern packaging.


Herrings in organic brine

New in the Lykkeberg 1899-range is the organic brine. The herrings are available in the two traditional variants: Marinated herrings and Marinated spiced herrings. The herrings are from sustainable waters, they are MSC-labelled and renowned for their excellent Lykkeberg-quality.

Fried herrings

The fried herrings are breaded in vinegar and fried to perfection. They belong at every classic lunch menu, e.g. served with onion purée and toasted rye bread or classical with pickled red onions. The fried herrings from Lykkeberg 1899 are known for their crispy outer and soft inner.

Fish cakes

Lykkeberg 1899 Fish- and Salmon cakes are made from sustainable caught fish and certified with the blue MSC-label. The fish cakes are seasoned with spices and pan-fried in rapeseed oil, which bring out the characteristic tasty flavor. Enjoy them cold or warm.


Sprat fillets and anchovies

Sprat fillets and anchovies are – as the Danish and Scandinavian tradition say – made of sprat. The sprat is related to the herring, but smaller in size. The great autumn sprats matures naturally in barrels with salt and spices – a process that takes several months and requires loving care.



Our Lykkeberg 1899-range also offers caviar in different variants – the classic black or red lumpfish roe, as well as the beautiful orange trout roe. All types have a delicate salty flavour and can be used as decoration on cold meals, but also as a main course with, for instance blinis and sour creme.


We continuously develop new flavors in order to find new taste experiences.
Have you tried our Nordic herrings?


Fish specialities

For more than a century Lykkeberg 1899 has established contact with fish manufacturers from all over the world, and they all produce exciting products. That is why Lykkeberg 1899 imports fish specialities which cannot be found better elsewhere – this to please all the fish lovers outhere.


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