Our love for herrings is unconditional!

- that is why we always make the perfect herrings for herring lovers –

Lykkeberg 1899 is a brand owned by Tenax Sild A/S – Denmark’s leading company within the processing of herrings.

Both Lykkeberg A/S and Tenax Sild A/S are known for their love of herrings, which made it natural for the two companies to merge in January 2015.

The goal was and still is to continue the more than 100 years of experience of processing herrings. And as always with Lykkeberg 1899 – we try harder every time!

It requires experience, time and dedication to achieve the optimal taste and texture of the herrings – as well as good cooperation through the supply chain from ocean to plate.

The absolute pride within Lykkeberg 1899 are the traditional cured herrings. They stand as one of the finest products in Danish food culture. The taste of a traditional cured herring is harmonious and rich, which ensures a well-balanced and unique savour. The texture is both soft and delicate – and yet with a great bite to it.

In addition to the traditional cured herrings, we produce lots of other herring-products and fish specialities. We continuously develop new products in order to provide all herring lovers with the ultimate savour. To put it briefly, we produce all kinds of herring – except bad ones!

Our love for herrings is unconditional. That is why our mission is to always make the perfect herrings for herring lovers.





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