The difference between herrings

- is a matter of taste for herring lovers –

“the curing requires knowledge and experience”

Since 1899 our mission has been to make the perfect herrings for herring lovers. This is based on our unconditional love for herrings and the pride and joy we put in every product we produce. We would like to share this passion with all herring lovers out there.

At Lykkeberg 1899 we usually compare herring to wine. Both are natural products, whose quality depend on the interesting and uncontrollable forces of nature. If the grapes do not get sun and water – and the herrings do not get food and clean oceans – then all human efforts of creating a quality product will be in vain. Therefore we are certain that all good quality within our products begin in the oceans.

Without the right raw material the end product will never become perfect. That is why we travel to the Nordic oceans to make sure that the herrings are in perfect condition when caught. We do not make compromises when it comes to the quality of the herrings – as well as the quality of the collaborations with our business partners.

In order to produce the perfect herrings, it requires that every link in the supply chain from ocean to plate are on top of their game. They need to be the best in their field and have a deep love and profound respect for the herring as it is one of the ocean’s greatest delicacies.

When the fishing vessels, fully loaded with “the Nordic silver”; i.e. herrings, arrive at the Nordic harbours in autumn, the herrings are transported to the salt stations, where they are sorted by size.

Now the most important phase in connection to the taste of the end product begins: the curing.

“The good quality begins in the oceans”

Traditional curing

Lykkeberg 1899 is the leading brand of the traditional cured herrings. The process of the traditional curing requires time, knowledge, experience and careful attention – but the reward is a perfect texture and taste in the end product.

After the unloading of the herrings the gills and anus are removed, before the herrings are preserved as whole in salt. To make Spiced herrings spices are added. Within 6 months the herring cures naturally by means of its own enzymes.

The traditional curing is a costly and long-termed process, that requires knowledge and experience – which we are proud to master at Lykkeberg 1899. When the curing is complete the herring is filleted and skinned. The herring fillets are then carefully steeped and placed in the flavored brine with vinegar, sugar and selected spices among others.

It is an indicator of great quality in the end product that the traditional cured herring fillet is big, has a beautiful silver finish and is sliced nicely without frayed edges as well as skin-residue. The silver finish is also a sign of a high percentage of fat, which gives the herring a perfect texture and taste.

If the herring is handled roughly, the silver finish will vanish. Therefore a beautiful silver finish throughout the fillet shows that the herring has been handled with care. It is important that the colour of the fillet has a natural hue.

The texture of a traditional cured herring is both soft and delicate – and yet with a great bite to it. The taste is harmonious and rich, which ensures a well-balanced and unique savour.

In fact the “Traditional cured herring” is a protected term of quality, and is also known as barrel curing. The Food Safety Authorities continuously audit the production methods to make sure that all legislations are complied with.

At Lykkeberg we have more than 100 years of experience processing the traditional cured herrings. The result is one of the finest products in Danish food culture.


Vinegar curing

As opposed to the time-consuming traditonal curing, Lykkeberg 1899 also use vinegar curing.

Right after unloading, the herrings are filleted and skinned, and then layered in barrels with vinegar to make them mature faster.

Sugar is added to the marinade in the barrels, which gives the vinegar cured herrings their sour-sweet taste. The vinegar curing is used for the commonly named marinated white herring.

The vinegar cured herrings come in many qualities, and at Lykkeberg 1899 we only use the best ones. As with the traditional cured herring, it is a sign of great quality that the vinegar cured herring fillet/bite is big, has a fine silver finish and is nicely cut without fragmented edges or skin-remains.

The colour of the vinegar cured herring must be light, but not pale or yellowish. The texture has to be firm, and the sourness must be well-balanced to make a pleasant harmony between the taste of vinegar, sugar and spices.

To produce the red fillet matured spiced herrings, yet another form of curing is used; the so-called fillet curing. The fresh herring fillets are layered in barrels with spiced salt brine, and cured for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Fillet cured spiced herrings are not as sour-sweet as the vinegar cured herrings, and neither as intense as the traditional cured herrings. The texture of the fillet cured spiced herrings have to be firm, but not dry. The fillets must have a nice and balanced taste of both herring and spice.

The fillet cured spiced herrings exist in classic variations.

However, we offer a variety of vinegar cured herrings with different spices added to create different flavors. The Nordic herring-range give a gastronomic and modern twist by using local and diverse ingredients, and the Season herring-range are made with specific seasonal spices and only available for a short period of time.