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Lykkeberg 1899, which is owned  by Tenax Sild A/S, serves information, recipes and fish products via this website. We respect the privacy of all visitors to our website – and ensure that all personal data which you make available to us, will be treated as confidential. The information will not be disclosed to any third party unless you have provided your express consent for this or if, as an exception, the Danish Data Protection Act allows the disclosure of general customer information.

Contact and personal data controller:
Tenax Sild A/S
Tåsingevej 10
5800 Nyborg, Denmark
T: +45 65 30 12 60
CVR no.: 26 40 45 84

Use of data:
When you use our website, e.g. using a contact form or subscription to newsletter, we collect personal data about you. The personal data concerns all information which can be used to describe your identity, e.g. your name, phone number, address or email.

Use of information:
When you only visit our website to seek information, we do not store information about you, except information which allows you to use our website, see our cookie policy.

Contact form and other interactions:
You can interact with us on our website via the contact form, subscription to our newsletter and participation in competitions. In order to be able to use these, you must provide personal data which we use to provide the services in question. This information will be saved and is only used for the specific purpose and in accordance with the current principles of data protection.

When you subscribe to our free newsletter via our website, we will handle the specified personal data with the purpose of sending you an email 6-12 times a year. These emails contain news, competitions, new products, recipes and other marketing initiatives.

Your personal data will be handled based on the consent given by you. Please note that you can always withdraw your consent by unsubscribing the newsletter at the bottom of the mail or by contacting us by email:, after which all your data will be deleted.

Personal data in the form of name and email will be collected. However, your email address is the only piece of information we need to be able to send newsletters to you. All other information is voluntary. Only information which is provided by you on subscription will be collected. The personal data submitted will not be disclosed outside the company.

The personal data will be transferred to Mailchimp, a service provided by The Rocket Science Group, LLC, 512 Midler Street, Ste 404 Atlanta, GA 30318 in the U.S. where it is used to release newsletters. Mailchimp cannot use the personal data for its own purposes and consequently, acts only acc. to our instructions. A data processor agreement has been entered into with Mailchimp, and it has been verified that Mailchimp is a part of EU’s ‘Privacy Shield’ certification agreement, ensuring that companies in the U.S. will handle personal data acc. to current EU legislation.

The personal data will be stored for as long as you are an active subscriber to the newsletter or until you withdraw your consent by unsubscribing to the newsletter. The personal data will also be deleted if technical receipt of the email is refused (e.g. when the email account has been discontinued).

Right to information:
You have the right to be informed of what personal data we are processing about you. If you want to be informed of what personal data we are processing about you, please contact us by email to When we have received your inquiry, we will verify your identity to ensure that we do not disclose personal data to unauthorised persons. The process will then be initiated, and you will be given information about your personal data as well as purpose and legal authority.

You are entitled to object if you disagree with how we use your personal data. You are also entitled to ask us to limit processing of your personal data if you do not want all of the recorded information to be part of the processing.

You are also entitled to ask to have your personal data deleted. This right is not definitive as certain information cannot be deleted due to other legislation or if agreement and purpose entitle us to store the personal data.

You are also entitled to have your personal data updated if it contains incorrect data.

If you are not satisfied with our responses regarding the processing of your personal data, you can file a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Data security:
We guarantee the most recent state-of-the-art precautions to ensure your personal data against risks during data transfers and third-party access. Our safety precautions are controlled continuously in order to ensure as safe and confidential processing of the information as at all possible.

The website is owned and published by:
Tenax Sild A/S
Denmark, February 2020